Keeping Pace
Keeping Pace is an annual research report on the state of policy and practice in K-12 Online Learning. One of the key features of the study is that the research agenda is guided by current practitioners in the field. It is really a must read for anyone that wants to know what the key issues are in K-12 Online Learning. The publication is released each year at iNACOL's annual Virtual School Sympostion.

The International Association for K-12 for Online Learning is the only professional organization dedicated to K-12 Online Learning.

VHS, Inc.
Created in 1996, Virtual High School, Inc. is a non profit global consortium of over 400 high schools offering innovative online courses.

State-led Online Programs

  1. Alabama - Alabama Online High School
  2. Arkansas - Arkansas Virtual High School
  3. California - University of California College Prep Online
  4. Colorado - Colorado Online Learning
  5. Florida - Florida Virtual School
  6. Georgia - Georgia Virtual School
  7. Hawaii - Hawaii E-School
  8. Idaho - Idaho Digital Learning Academy
  9. Illinois - Illinois Virtual School
  10. Iowa - Iowa Learning Online
  11. Kentucky - Kentucky Virtual High School
  12. Louisiana - Louisiana Virtual School
  13. Maryland - Maryland Virtual Learning Opportunities
  14. Michigan - Michigan Virtual High School
  15. Mississippi - Missippi Virtual Public School
  16. Missouri - Missouri Virtual Instruction Program
  17. North Carolina - North Carolina Virtual Public School
  18. North Dakota - North Dakota Division of Independent Study
  19. South Carolina
  20. South Dakota - South Dakota Virtual High School
  21. Utah - The Electronic High School
  22. Virginia - Virtual Virginia
  23. West Virginia
  24. Wisconsin - Wisconsin Virtual School